Do you suffer from depression or anxiety?
Do you feel all alone even when you are around others?
Do you feel stressed at work or at home?
Do you find that the voice in your head is always putting you down?
Do you struggle to see a way forward in life for you becoming happy?

As a Happiness Coach, my focus is on helping my clients feel happy again. This is achieved by working with the client to identify the problem and creating solutions which then gives the client options for the desired results they are looking for.
If any of the above questions applies to you and you are ready for positive results? Please contact me now in the form below.

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Carlston Medford was born and raised on the Island of Barbados. He grew up amongst family members who experienced mental health issues. The issues varied from schizophrenia to depression and bipolar disorder. He himself has experienced periods of depression and low self-esteem due to never really bonding with his own parents. Showing affection was never practised in the family and because of the hostility between his parents, he never felt loved from either of them. At the age of 16 years old, he decided to change how he saw himself and through sheer determination and researching self-help methods, he was able to change his pattern of thinking which affected his behaviour positively that gave him his desired outcome. Due to his familiarity with engaging those affected by mental health issues, he found that he had the ability to get others to open up to him and speak about their issues in a calm and safe manner. For many years, he wanted to study Psychology but fearing that he did not have what it took to study he disinclined to move forward within this field. It was only in 2018, after being told by many, if not all, of his daily delivery customers that he should be a counsellor because they found it easy to talk to him about their personal issues and how his suggestions seem easy to understand and implement. He decided to find a program that suited his learning style and also something that seemed effective in producing positive results in those experiencing mental health issue. He was introduced to the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by a friend and after researching its applications as an alternative way in dealing with mental health, he then studied and became a practitioner of NLP which was ANLP accredited then went on to become a Master practitioner of NLP. Since his qualifications, he has worked with clients on a 1 to 1 basis. His clients either falls into the categories of depression, anxiety, family relations and even phobias. His style of coaching is a combination of NLP and good old fashion Empathy which allows him to connect with the client and offer possible tools to assist the client in reaching their desired outcome